Several railway companies wonder what the secret to longevity and quality of their locomotives are. At Industrial Locomotive Services, we are proud to know the answer—preventative maintenance and regular inspections. We have a vast range of locomotive expertise and technological resources built up over many years. This gives us the capability to repair, refurbish, overhaul and manufacture new shunting locomotives.

Our Locomotive services includes professional repairs, inspections, upgrades, standard checkups, and numerous other services. All of them are designed to keep your locomotive safe and moving.

Our mechanical locomotive repairs are primarily centered around the entire structure of your locomotive. From the engine to the brakes, lights, fluids, and overall structure, we work with repair plans of all sizes and types.

Regardless of whether it’s a small repair like an oil change or a major issue like an entire engine rebuild or performance upgrade, our mechanical repairs are designed to provide you with the most optimal performance and safety of your equipment.


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